At Rosemullion Distillery we are focussing on rum this month to remind you what a brilliant accompaniment it is to long, hot summer evenings. Gin is often touted the go-to drink when the mercury rises, but wherever you’re enjoying or enduring the heat this year don’t forget that there are adventures to be had with our rum whether it’s white, dark, gold or spiced.


At Rosemullion we ferment and distil our own sugarcane molasses, and as one of a small number of distilleries in Cornwall making its own base spirit from scratch (using rainwater and molasses) we’re proud of the Cornish flavour that runs through every drop: it forms the basis of all our rums and is 100% single-pot-distilled.

Taking care over every stage of production means that we have total control, and that’s how we’re able to retain the essential flavours deep within the drink. We also ensure that it is oak-aged for that smooth profile that our Rosemullion Distillery customers like you have come to know and love.


If, like me and many of my colleagues here at Rosemullion, you enjoy having a little tot neat then you’ll probably know that swirled lightly around a glass any quality dark rum will have a clear amber tint to it, and should sing to you when you admire and smell it. If you don’t know what ‘sing’ means then pour a little into a clean glass, give it a swirl and you’ll find out. No further instructions needed.

On board your yacht, trawler or paddleboard you can always enjoy a quick tot of neat rum, sure, but as a pre or after-dinner cocktail don’t forget it’s robust enough to carry those tropical and summery flavours like pineapple, banana and coconut too. This month it’s a scorcher wherever you are, and especially for those of you stuck in the city having a little experiment with rum recipes is a great way to get a hit of the tropics without leaving your paddling pool.


For those in search of Caribbean flavour with a tropical kick we recommend our smooth, award-winning gold rum. The World Rum Awards nominated it a Gold Medal Winner, singling out a nose of “ tropical pineapple, mango and slightly overripe generic tropical fruit” as well as its “light floral notes, and a lovely citrus lemon and lime aroma.” cocktail recipe…

  • Get yourself and your friends some highball or collins glasses and rub the rim with some fresh mint
  • Add some ice.
  • Place a piece of fresh pineapple in the bottom of the glass to receive the next 3 ingredients which are:
  • A dash of sugar
  • A squirt of club soda
  • A dash of lime – and sort of smush those ingredients together a bit to release the pineapple juice from the pineapple chunckchunk.
  • Add your dose of Rosemullion’s Gold Medal winning Gold Rum
  • Pineapple juice up to the top
  • Severe with a fresh sprig of mint


If you’ve ever walked out on a warm summer’s evening and smelled air heavy with the scent of flowers – like night-blooming jasmine or honeysuckle – you’ll know that it can really be something out of this world. It’s the heady feeling of those fragrant summer evenings that we want our honey rum to evoke. Our sublime balance of botanicals and honey, carefully crafted to complement our hand-distilled Cornish rum, brings a sense of those magical English summer nights whatever the weather.

  • Find a beautiful glass.
  • Find somewhere quiet.
  • Pour the Honey Rum.
  • Drink and bathe happily in the delicious golden silence.


As August draws to a close rum can also be paired with darker, spicier flavours to lead us gently into autumn… or you can make a Dark & Stormy to help you endure this big, bold and unapologetically hot summer.

  • Fill your tall glasses with ice.
  • Top with a quality ginger beer like Fever-Tree
  • Squeeze half a lime into each glass
  • Pour Rosemullion Spiced Rum over the back of your best spoon (TIP: if your spoon is just touching the top of the ginger beer you should get nice visual layers.)
  • Add a dash of lime for the look of it.
  • Drink and be damned.


Unlike our white rum or chocolate rum our Rosemullion Distillery dark rum is the one we’d recommend for when those first hints of autumn chill the air. It marries its lightly spiced botanical flavour profile with deeper notes thanks to the molasses we add. This is a smooth and easy drinking rum and it’s also great neat.

We hope you’re having a happy summer and urge you to ‘keep on rumming.’

Best wishes from The Rosemullion Team on the Helford, Cornwall.

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