Here at Rosemullion Distillery on the banks of the Helford in Cornwall, we make some of the best award-winning spirits in the world. They taste great on their own but, nonetheless, sometimes it’s fun to try something new. With summer upon us, and Wimbledon just around the corner, we’ve dived into some classic cocktails, together with some new era recipes, to give the old taste-buds a refreshing summery change – for example the Barracuda and the Negroni.

But remember that any cocktail tastes better when the glasses are carefully selected, diligently cleaned, chilled and perhaps even frosted if applicable to the specific recipe. The same goes for the ice which, if it has been made with care (rather than just by filling the same old ice-tray!) then the love and attention will consequently result in a much more pleasurable and chic-looking drink. And as it’s summer perhaps add a little mint or tiny segment of a citrus fruit to some of the ice-cubes if appropriate to the recipe, resulting in deliciously memorable drinks!

Please note that each recipe serves 1 so that, depending on the amount of guests you are making it for, you can simply times it by that number.


To make the perfect classic Negroni cocktail it’s purely a matter of balance. Just use equal parts of Rosemullion Dry Gin with an equal measure of Vermouth and of Campari for a delicious result.


  1. 30 ml Gin
  2. 30 ml Bitter Campari (an Italian alcoholic liqueur)
  3. 30 ml Sweet Red Vermouth (aka Vermouth Rosso)
  4. Orange twist to garnish

The Method

  • Simply chill your beautiful tumblers of choice, fill with some elegantly made-ice-cubes and pour the 3-equal parts as detailed above over the ice.
  • Add a twist of orange and then you can dive in.



With its sherbety kick, the refreshing Mojito does a great job of bringing the joy of Caribbean flavours via the White rum and lime juice, together with hints of pure English summertime thanks to the mint leaves.


  1. 45 ml Rosemullion White rum
  2. 20 ml fresh Lime Juice
  3. 2 tsp white sugar
  4. Soda water to mix
  5. 6 mint leaves (keeping two aside for the garnish)
  6. Ice (frosted/opaque looks prettier for this drink I always think)

The Method

  • Mix the sugar and lime juice and crush in the mint sprigs.
  • Add a splash of the soda water and then fill the glass with ice.
  • Pour the white rum in, top up the drink with the soda water and then give it a gentle stir to sort of get the ingredients to mingle with each other!
  • Top the drink with a mint leaf/sprig and a slice of fresh cut lime.



Summer and whisky are brought together in this classic which usually uses Bourbon but our Single Malt Whisky also does the trick. It helps to have the classic stainless steel Julep cups for this because the steel cup is designed to embody the iconic Julep look by frosting easily.


  1. 60 ml Rosemullion Single Malt Whisky
  2. 1 tsp of powdered sugar
  3. 6 fresh sprigs of fresh mint
  4. 2 tsp of water

The Method

  • In cocktail shaker shake the whisky, mint leaves and sugar together with ice and then strain into a Julep stainless steel cup filled half-way with crushed ice.
  • You could always add an extra ice-cube or crushed ice with a sprig of mint on top for the garnish.



We are super excited about this delicious sounding Summer Knock Out!


  1. Chilled highball glasses
  2. 45 ml Rosemullion Gold Rum
  3. 15 ml Galliano (a liqueur which smacks of vanilla/anaise and subtle citrus/wood)
  4. 60 ml Fresh Pineapple juice
  5. 1 tsp fresh squeezed lime juice
  6. Ice
  7. Some Prosecco to hand to top it up!

The Method

  • Please ensure your highball glasses are chilled.
  • Then, except for the Prosecco, put all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker including some ice.
  • Shake it well.
  • Add a piece or two of ice to the chilled highball glass.
  • Strain into the highball glass.
  • Top it up with Prosecco and boom! It’s party-time.




  1. 52.5ml Rosemullion Dry or Summer Gin
  2. 22.5ml Fresh Orange Juice
  3. 22.5ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  4. 2 teaspoons local Cornish Honey Syrup (depending on your taste 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of honey and water in a small saucepan over a medium heat, stir til honey dissolved, allow to cool and decant into airtight jar. It’ll keep in the fridge for around 1 month) 

The Method

  • So just pour and stir the honey syrup with the citrus juices in your cocktail shaker until it dissolves.
  • Add gin, shake it with ice
  • Then strain it into one of your favourite cocktail glasses that you’ve already chilled.
  • You can always garnish it with twists of lemon and/or orange (you can do this by wrapping it around a spoon handle so that it holds the shape).
  • Enjoy the bright and breezy sunniness of this summer cocktail.

We hope you find something in here to brighten your summer days.

All the best from the Rosemullion Distillery Team.

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