Great news for people trying to think up great Christmas gifts! This is a problem-solving edition of the blog.We’ve got a few solutions up our sleeve to help you with your Christmas shopping. As members of large families ourselves, and with our team catering for their own families too, we know how hard it can be to come up with new ideas of what to give an older relative or friend. However, if the people you want to buy presents for tend to like gin, whisky, rum or Christmas spirits, you can not only give them a bottle of our artisan-produced take on their favourite drink, but you can also send it to them personalised. What a way to show that you care!

Obviously personalised gifts are a fantastic way to show someone that you really thought about them and wanted to give them something they’d love, but at the same time you’ll be supporting a local Cornish producer, so it’s win-win all round.

Together with our team we have also created gift packs where you can pick your own spirits for a multi-spirit gift pack choice. Some of the gift packs include bespoke ceramic cups made by another local producer – so do scroll down to find out more, especially if you’re interested in stocking-fillers.

For some suggestions of what to choose for the personalised present – which hopefully should win you some Christmas kudos – then carry on reading to get the full lowdown on our festive boozy gift guide, including gin, whisky, rum and Christmas spirit.


Served in private clubs, homes, pubs, beach bars and restaurants across the world, Dry Gin is an elegant classic drink. There’s nothing too complicated for the palate to process in a dry gin except for a good clean taste. It harbours that delicious kick to the taste buds that we at Rosemullion pride ourselves on successfully producing in all our gins and which wins us so many awards.   And because it’s a classic, and beloved, a bottle of our Rosemullion Dry Gin ticks so many boxes and takes the stress out of giving.

Gin, the clear spirit flavoured with juniper and other botanicals, can be enjoyed neat or in Christmas or New Year’s cocktails. There are loads of different types of gin lining the supermarket and off-licence shelves but the two most common are distilled gin and dry gin.

  • Distilled gin, also called normal gin, is produced with various flavours and additions of fruity or floral notes to mix with drinks.
  • Dry gin is double distilled, and is also known as London Dry. Commonly it has strong juniper flavours, like pine, and with no sweeteners or colours added this means it cuts cleanly through the palate.

Our Rosemullion Dry Cornish Gin is a bold blend of botanicals, juniper and citrus fruit, infused in Cornish distilled spirit (using locally harvested and purified rainwater) to create a classic modern gin. Made using a traditional recipe, it is best served using a good quality tonic, well-made ice and a choice of lemon, lime or – the way we like it – with grapefruit.

Naturally we are aware that Dry Gin has been seen as the preserve of the older lady – the aunts, god-mothers, grans and nans in our life – but that doesn’t stop the younger guns gunning for it. However, if it’s personalised with something like: ‘Granny’s Dry Gin’ – they might keep their hands off it for just a little longer!


Not much says ‘Christmas gifts’ as easily as a bottle of spiced rum, because it so effortlessly conjures up that sense of being warm by a flickering fire, feeling merry and in the heart of a festive gathering of some sort (even if that festive gathering is just you and your cat). This is a good multi-generational choice as rum is popular with the young and the old. It’s delicious paired perhaps with a bowl of Cornish vanilla ice-cream and some diced mango, or with roasted nuts or even with a full on roast chicken and stuffing.


This spirit is so much fun – ho ho ho – because it does exactly what it says on the tin, providing a mix of traditional Christmas herbs and spices, infused with our own fermented alcohol.

Your loved ones will love these Christmas gifts, and with Christmas spirit they can sit back and enjoy the gentle hints of nutmeg, cloves, candied orange, raisins, ginger and muscovado sugar making this a delicious drink on its own, or great served with spiced orange ginger ale. They can try it with ice-cream too.


Rosemullion Distillery’s ‘pick your own’ gift set is the perfect present for people who love spirits or who want to ensure that they have a selection of spirits on offer for when their house opens its doors to a guest or two over the holidays. Our gift set really is a brilliant way for you to enjoy three of our award-winning gins and rums, and the best thing is you choose yourself if you’re struggling what to ask for by way of Christmas gifts!

For Christmas gifts that make an impact simply select any three 25cl bottles from the drop-down boxes on the website – or if you’re visiting us at a Christmas Fair we can make it up for you on the spot.  We’ll wrap them in a beautifully designed black and gold gift box, personalise it and can either hand it over the counter, send it to the lucky recipient, or deliver it to their front door in time for Christmas Eve.

We also do 70cl gift set with the spirit of your choice, which comes beautifully presented in a black and gold gift box and is accompanied with two handmade ceramic Rosemullion Distillery drinking vessels to keep. What a great gift!

Finally, there’s also Rosemullion Distillery’s family of spirits in a miniature gift box. The box features all eight of our award-winning gins, rums, and seasonal spirits and which despite coming in a beautifully presented black and gold gift box, the set of 5cl spirits can also be split up to make for a great little stocking present for those deemed suitable to enjoy a Christmas snifter.

Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas season and easy buying of Christmas gifts from the Rosemullion team.

Andy & Liz


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