Rosemullion Distillery marked their new partnership with the Helford River Gig Club (HRGC)

Award-winning Cornish distillers Rosemullion Distillery toast winners of “Mini-Scillies” gig race ahead of this month’s World Championships. Helford River Gig Club (HRGC) are our partners.

Rosemullion Distillery marked their new partnership with the Helford River Gig Club (HRGC) when they handed out prizes at the recent Mini-Scillies event. Both the champion gig rowers and the internationally lauded artisan distillers are keen to ensure that the competitive and highly social sport of gig-racing is widely available to locals.  

Andy Bradbury, Co-founder & CEO of Rosemullion Distillery explains:

“Helford River Gig Club was one of the few clubs to help revive the sport 30 years ago. Now with over 200 members it’s one of the biggest in the world. They train on the Helford River, one the most outstandingly beautiful watercourses in the South West. HRGC’s competitiveness and generosity of spirit, together with their love of the location and its people, matches our company ethos exactly. We’re natural partners.”

Competitive gig-rowing has grown out of Cornwall’s great maritime past and has been practiced by generations. Manned by six rowers, with a cox at the helm, gigs were built to cope with the diverse conditions. Often-treacherous coastlines around Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Working mainly as lifeboats or pilots, steering trans-Atlantic ships and their passengers into safe harbour. To this day, wooden gigs must be built to 1838 specifications.


Ahead of this year’s World Pilot Gig Championships held in the Scillies, HRGC invited many of 2021’stop-performing crews to compete in their own ‘Mini-Scillies’ held on the Helford River. New sponsors Rosemullion Distillery were there to hand the Mini-Scillies winners a bottle of Rosemullion rum or gin.


“Gig rowing is a highly social sport,” says Steve Bagshaw, Chairman of HRGC. “What better way to celebrate our victories than with a tot of rum distilled on the same Helford shores as our club?”

Impressive results in the Mini-Scillies 2022 included the HRGC’s Men’s A coming in third overall, the HRGC’s Men’s Vets second and HRGC’s Ladies’ A taking first. These results bode well for HRGC’s winning chances at the World Pilot Gig Championships 2022.


Meanwhile Rosemullion Distillery Seafarers’ Gin just won gold at the International World Spirit Awards 2022 with judges’ comments declaring:

“Unique aromatics on the nose with hints of brine and coastal botanicals.

The palate is soft and bright with a beautifully balanced flavour profile.

Herbs, spices, seaweed and lemon on the finish.

Continues to evolve into a memorable drink.”

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