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Cornwall is enjoying a boom and so whether you’re moving here, coming to visit or you’re a long-time resident, you’ll notice that there’s been a resurgence and new-found respect for all things Cornish. As drinks producers it’s good to know that pure Made in Cornwall products garner particular kudos in the culinary and drinks industries. But in the latter half of the 20th century many goods were boosting their sales by claiming to be Made-in-Cornwall. In response Cornwall County Council launched the ‘Approved Origins scheme’ in 1991 to protect the identity of genuine Cornish products.

With members ranging from individual artisans to international trading companies across various sectors, the standards are maintained by applying a rigorous testing process. This ensures that each product can legitimately be deemed Cornish. Membership of the Approved Origins Scheme relies on your company being able to prove that:

  • your products are genuinely being made in Cornwall
  • your business attempts to source ingredients or raw materials within Cornwall
  • the finished products comply with relevant UK and EU regulations.


Member of the Approved Origins scheme or not, a product can be considered “truly Cornish” if it meets certain criteria that are indicative of its origin, quality, and connection to the region of Cornwall. For example:

Use of locally sourced ingredients – from seaweed to wine to clay. Here at Rosemullion we use Cornish rainwater which we harvest and then purify in our garden distillery. As far as possible all of our botanicals (the herbs, fruits, spices and seaweed that we use to flavour our home-produced gins and rums) are from local suppliers. In fact some of the fruit comes from our very own orchard! By going to this extra effort we can ensure that our produce is not only made in Cornwall, but has that authentic artisanal Cornish taste.

Cornish heritage – Liz – the co-founder of this family run business – is pure Cornish stretching back generations. She met her husband Andy in Cornwall and as well as raising their family here a stone’s throw from the Helford, they are also growing their distillery business together here. Can’t get much more Cornish than that!

Traditional recipes and methods – we distil our rum and gin just like the rum and gin makers before us – using a traditional copper still and the trustworthy hand, eye, taste co-ordination of our family and team.

Geographical Certification – some products may be granted what’s called geographical indication (GI) status or certification. This indicates that the product possesses certain qualities, characteristics or a long-standing reputation that is directly associated to the geographical origin. Just as champagne must come from the area called ‘Champagne’ in France, the Cornish Pasty Association asserts that only pasties that meet specific criteria will be deemed ‘genuine Cornish pasties.’ I

Environmental Sustainability – products that not only come from Cornwall but help contribute to the protection of Cornwall’s natural resources are certainly highly regarded. From organic produce grown on local farms to handmade crafts.

Happily Rosemullion Distillery meets all of these criteria and we are extremely proud of our  Cornish heritage. By choosing to buy a product made in Cornwall like ours you are not only buying brilliant Cornish produce, but you’re also helping to boost the local economy, reducing carbon footprint (if you live in Cornwall) and are supporting Cornwall’s amazing creative heritage and entrepreneurial spirit.

So whether it’s the ultimate pasty you’re after, or the best Cornish gin, here’s some ways to help support the Cornish artisanal community. First things first: buy in Cornwall!

VISIT FARMER’S MARKETS: there are many farmers’ markets around the county but Visit Cornwall suggests the following for starters:

  • Helston Farmers’ market – First Saturday of each month, 9.30-1pm – great range of products
  • St Ives Farmer’s Market – Every Thursday – 9.30pm – 2pm – drink, fish, meats, vegetables, baked goods and crafts
  • The Food Barn, Flushing – Every Saturday – high quality sustainable produce
  • Truro Market Every Weds and Sat – 9am – 3.30pm – green & white striped stalls with cakes, fish, dairy, meat and more.
  • Bude Farmer & Craft Market – Every Friday from Good Friday-End of September – 10am – 3pm

SHOP LOCALLY:  stay away from those big supermarkets and wherever possible buy from those little Cornish businesses that we know and love… the little veg and egg stalls outside farm gates, the independent village shops, the one-off chandlers, bakers, butchers and fishmongers that you still find on the Cornish high streets (at the moment). Instead of ordering on-line or via click-and-collect this smaller and more intimate way of shopping is not only good for the Made in Cornwall artisans, but it’ll feel good for you too.

BUY FROM CORNWALL’S RICH ARTISTIC COMMUNITY: there are so many amazing artists and designers in Cornwall – a truly rich community including potters, painters, printers, textile makers, distillers and jewellers. Just like us at Rosemullion Distillery many of them pride themselves on being able to produce home-made brands. Their Made in Cornwall products will give your gift-giving, and your home, much more heart and soul, just like Blue Bell Ceramics do, which we use to create our bespoke gift tumblers:


In Cornish, “summer gin” could be translated as “gwin kalita” or “gwin kalit an haf.” “Gwin” means “wine” or “gin” in Cornish, and “kalita” means “summer.” Adding “an haf” (meaning “the summer”) provides further clarity if needed.

In Cornish, “honey rum” can be translated as “rum mel.” “Rum” means “rum” in Cornish, and “mel” means “honey.” So, “honey rum” would be “rum mel” in Cornish.

In Cornish, “navy gin” can be translated as “gwin logh.” “Gwin” means “gin” in Cornish, and “logh” refers to “navy.” So, “navy gin” would be “gwin logh” in Cornish.

“Trensa Kernow dre gweres agan bersonysow Kernowek lel!” (Support Cornwall by buying local Cornish products!)”

Gans gorhemynadow a’n gwella – With best wishes,

The Rosemullion Team

February 2024


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