CLH . Rosemullion Distillery is a craft distiller of artisan Cornish gin, rum and spirits. Founded in 2018, we are a multi-award-winning distillery operating from our own Cornish orchard.  Driven by a passion for creating high-quality full-flavoured spirits.

As our business continues to evolve with increasing demands for our products. We remain dedicated to the ethos of running a true artisan distillery. Whats more, we use a hand-built copper still, to create 300 to 500 bottle batches.

Intent on cultivating a chic and characterful range of Rosemullion gins the current roll call includes Harvest Gin, Summer Gin and Dry Gin – all gold award winners at the Sip Awards 2021- and our personal favourite Seafarer’s Gin. Our gins use traditional recipes with the finest local botanical ingredients.

In addition, Rosemullion rum distilled in a copper-pot still that helps retain essential rum flavours. This is followed by oak-aging for a smooth profile.  The depth of flavour in our White Rum makes it an excellent mixing rum, and for the pure rum lover our Dark Rum will prove to be the smooth easy-drinking rum that works best with ice. Our Spiced Rum won style winner at the World Rum Awards 2020, our Gold Rum won gold at the World Rum Awards 2020 and our Chocolate Rum won the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2021.

Rosemullion’s Christmas Spirit infused with traditional yuletide flavours. This includes nutmeg, cloves, candied orange, ginger, raisins and muscovado sugar.  We feel this is the perfect drink for the festive season.

Rosemullion Distillery run by Andy & Liz, a husband-and-wife team of chemists. They wanted to combine our scientific knowledge with our passion for quality spirits.  We credit the growing success of our business to something essential: loving our produce.

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