Summer Cocktails And British Sporting Fixtures Go Hand In Hand: Our Rosemullion Gin Cocktail Recipes Are As Simple, Smart And Delightful. Enjoy

So if you’re a sport enthusiast who enjoys a gin cocktail in hand like a Tom Collins or a Gin Mule while watching their favourite sporting fixture then July’s sport packed season is a great reason to produce some of these classic gin cocktails for yourself and your co-spectators. (see below the cocktail recipes for a quick run-down of July’s sporting events). for those bespoke Summer Cocktails

A man walks into a bar on a hot summer night, 1874. He sees his friends, orders a drink and then one of them tell him
“Hey there was a guy called Tom Collins in here just now bad-mouthing you.” The man asks what this Tom Collins guy looks like and his friends tell him. “Oh about yey high. Brown moustache. Very handsome…” One of them mentions that this Mr Collins also likes to drink a in a couple of bars nearby. Their friend hurriedly leaves to go and track down the insulting Mr Collins at which point his prankster friends – all in on the joke together – have a big laugh to watch him hunt the non-existent Tom Collins down…
Legend has it that this ‘Great Tom Collins Prank’ of 1874 is how the name for the drink we have come to know and love as Tom Collins, was born. The other potential source for the delicious Tom Collins gin cocktail is that a London bartender called John Collins used to mix up his gin cocktail using only Old Tom Gin. Whatever the story (and the ensuing fisticuffs and goose-chases) the Tom Collins is a fabulous cocktail, really easy to make and a particular favourite of us here at Rosemullion. It’s also a great summertime cooler and is easily bumped up excitement-wise into a Gin Fizz.

To make the perfect Tom Collins you will need a Collins glass (or any highball glass or tall tumbler):

  • 50 ml of Rosemullion Dry Gin (its bold classic blend of juniper, botanicals and citrus fruits lends it particularly well to this recipe) 
  • 25 ml lemon Juice (just under 1.5 tablespoons) 
  • 125 ml chilled soda water
  • 25 ml sugar syrup (dissolve 300 g caster sugar in 150 ml water over a low heat and once cooled pour into a sterilised glass jar or bottle to store in the fridge for future use in cocktails!)
  • Ice 
  1. Fill your glass with some ice and then add your Rosemullion Dry Gin. 
  2. Add the lemon juice 
  3. Add the sugar syrup. 
  4. Add a blast of the chilled soda water. 
  5. For that extra summery twist you could add a twist of lemon. 
  6. Maybe rustle up a bowl of strawberries or cherries and kick back and enjoy the green lawns and blue skies of Wimbledon on your tv. 

If you want extra WOW factor then it’s 100% worth the tiny bit of extra effort to make a gin fizz. As well as a straight forward g&t with our Rosemullion Summer Gin we have Gin Fizz cocktails fairly frequently during June and July. Although it has the same ingredients as the Tom Collins the unlikely but magic addition that gives it its deliciously cool and frothy topping is free range egg white!

This classic GIN FIZZ cocktail – together with egg white – rose to mass popularity in around the 1900s and bar-tenders have almost always used egg whites in their cocktails to give it that extra special something. So, get:

  1. 25 ml lemon Juice (just under 1.5 tablespoons) 
  2. 125 ml chilled soda water
  3. 25 ml sugar syrup (dissolve 300 g caster sugar in 150 ml water over a low heat, dissolve the sugar and take off the heat once it’s simmering. Cool before pouring into a sterilised glass jar or bottle to store in the fridge for future use in cocktails!) (although if you’re in a hurry and don’t have it you can also use maple syrup in place of the sugar syrup which is a delicate and not very maple-heavy in taste). 
  4. 1 free-range egg white
  5. Ice 
  • Get yourself a cocktail shaker or something in which you can shake together the ingredients, but minus the ice. 
  • By not adding the ice it lets the protein from the egg white form a foam. 
  • Then you can either add the ice and shake again which cools the drink and strengthens the foam OR you can put the ice in a glass and strain the shaken ingredients through a little strainer over it. 
  • As with all cocktails it’s always worth experimenting. 
  • You can garnish again with lemon or berries of your choice.

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