At Rosemullion Distillery, we have won a host of international awards from some of the industry’s most highly regarded organisations.


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A delicious spiced nose with a huge amount going on; clove, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg the list goes on. The palate is warm and supple, just the right amount of sweetness and it’s really comforting. Those spices translate amazingly from the nose to the palate and balance out really nicely with the other components. A lovely rum that I’d happily drink anywhere. — J Stein

Loads of aromatic spices straight off, with cinnamon, ginger and clove, with earthy, oaky vanilla and dark treacle sweetness. — Master of malt

Rosemullion Spiced rum utilises its own solid rum base with a balanced selection of eight spices to compliment the flavour. Nose of heavy citrus zest and oils, cloves, ginger and subtle spice. Complex star on palate with the orange chocolate finish dominant. Warming, spicy, interesting, balanced”


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"I absolutely loved both the rums from Rosemullion. The Gold is very special, incredibly smooth with lots of lovely vanilla from the oak and almost a whisky edge to the flavour. I have to say the packaging is spot on and really well done, both label and bottle shape are beautiful". — J Stein

Rosemullion Gold Rum …The nose starts off with tropical pineapple, mango and slightly overripe generic tropical fruit. There is light floral notes and a lovely citrus lemon and lime aroma note. The rum also introduces some very light funky higher ester aromas and grapefruit. The rum is very pleasant on the palate with a warm and round mouthfeel. You get pineapple, mango and lime with a touch of grapefruit and citrus notes. There is a little bit of volatile alcohol, but it is quite pleasant, and it gives the rum some spice and heat. “

Lots of vanilla, with a hint of spice, mango, cinnamon and honey sweetness. — Master of Malt

Found this in a local wine store, £35. Quite light in colour but one of the smoothest rums out there. There’s something on the nose I can’t fathom, a mild burn that is full of toffee and caramel, that’s surprisingly no where near as sweet as you would imagine. Described as “100% pure, single pot, oak aged” it’s the best thing to come out of Cornwall since clotted cream. A truly top notch sipping rum. Very good. Enjoy Graham. Ps, one of the best corks I’ve seen. Proper job as they say in Cornwall. “” —


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Caramel, chocolate and fruit on the nose. The base rum is complimented with berries, tropical fruits and a hint of chilli, which shows on the palate as well. Balanced palate with oak spice, light chilli heat tickling the palate and mouth coating chocolate sweetness towards the end. — T Gorn

A decadent rum layered with notes of rich chocolate, raisin and dark cherry with complexity and length — Master of Malt


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Dark chocolate and molasses, mahogany furniture, vanilla with a hint of liquorice. Rich with sweet dark chocolate, spicy wood notes and cedar wood cigar box notes. Off dry palate, rich on oak aromas like vanilla, cloves and other spices. — T Gorn

Wafts of charred pineapple and banana combine with a touch of woody baking spice creamy vanilla and burnt sugar — Master of Malt

Rosemullion Dark rum utilises its own fermented base spirit to provide a solid rum base with a deep complex flavours of wood notes, molasses and chocolate to balance the flavour. Complex on palate. Warming, interesting, balanced”

The usual suspects of caramel, coffee and clove are present, so nothing new on that front. However, the flavours and heat are incredibly well balanced, leading to a rum which is great as a sipping rum but would work well in a zombie too. — “Dan

I reckon this is the best offering from Rosemullion so far. Loads of creamy smooth dried fruit flavours and a lovely lingering mouthful of liqourice. Amazingly smooth for such a young rum, definitely in my top 10! — Yatoos


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Caramel, dark molasses and hints of vanilla greet the nose. On the second smell cacao bean shows, companied by herbal notes and vegetal aromas. Lively and complex for a white rum. Smooth and easy on the palate with a nice, vanilla sweetness and some balancing warmth and spices. — TG June 2021


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Beautiful, inviting autumnal nose. Very complex with all the botanicals and fruits in harmony. Reminiscent of apple pie, stewed apples and pear with cinnamon, bakes apples with hints of caramel. There’s a spot of juniper, rich orchard fruits and forest berries on the palate with a long, and smooth finish, sowing some cracked black pepper. — T Gorn

Beautiful, inviting autumnal nose. Very complex with all the botanicals and fruits in harmony. Reminiscent of apple pie, stewed apples and pear with cinnamon, bakes apples with hints of caramel. There’s a spot of juniper, rich orchard fruits and forest berries on the palate with a long, and smooth finish, sowing some cracked black pepper. — Gin Guide


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Rosemullion Seafarer’s Gin has a full-bodied distinctive character, the nose there's hints of seaweed, samphire — Gin Guide

This cracking coastal gin from Rosemullion in Cornwall features a trio of seaweed varieties, along with samphire. Certainly one for those of you that love to be beside the seaside. Delicately earthy, with soft vegetal salinity growing alongside oily juniper and a splash of citrus. — Master of Malt

A beautiful and appetising combination between savoury and saline notes and sweet candied citrus supported by vegetal, green notes and spices. Great balance between sweeter fruity notes, warm alcohol and cooling, dry Juniper. The alcohol is beautifully integrated and it is a fantastically balanced and unique expression with plenty to offer. It has a long, complex maritime finish. — T Gorn


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Ripe fruits and crispy vegetables on the nose supported by bold juniper and reminiscent of cacao beans. It is cool and refreshing on the palate with delicate fruity notes, maybe table grapes and citrus. Subtle , soft and refreshing on the finish, just lovely for the hot summer months. — Gin Guide

From the Rosemullion Distillery down in Cornwall comes Summer Gin! The expression takes the Rosemullion Dry Gin and infuses it with red summer fruits. It takes on a very subtle pink hue, along with some juicy sweet fruity notes. It's wonderful with a Mediterranean tonic and a handful of fresh berries to garnish all year round. Slightly herbal, with piney juniper, sweeter berry notes and lemon peel, with a dry finish. — Master of Malt


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Rosemullion Dry Gin's has a full-bodied and distinctive character, and from the nose there's hints of grassy, sweet aromas that differentiate it from a classic grain spirit based gin. This is balanced with juniper, liquorice, sweet fruity citrus and a classic base of coriander seeds, orris root and angelica root. When mixed the gin clouds and releases even more herbal, fleshy citrus and subtly sweet flavours, underpinned by juniper and deep rooty notes. Rosemullion Dry Gin is well-rounded, flavoursome and characterful with a twist from the base spirit. When served as a G&T, lime, grapefruit or ginger are ideal garnish starting points — Gin Guide

Juniper leads the way, supported by sweeter hints of liquorice, tart citrus and lemon peel, with black pepper and a slightly creamy finish. — Master of Malt

Sweet Candied citrus aroma, bit of Juniper and herbal notes. The nose suggests a creamy fruity palate. There’s candy floss in the background with a spot of liquorice. It is creamy on the palate with a cooling sensation and plenty of vegetal notes, citrus zest and some subtle Juniper. It had a nice creamy mouthfeel and a cooling aftertaste with liquorice. — T Gorn


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